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Washed and chaffed

Then lastly, trim the ends from your celery and wash it and chop the celery thinly and add.

The saucepan should have boiled and you would have reduced the heat to a medium-to-lower heat which you should attempt to maintain.

Heat for 20 minutes os so or until the potatoes are quite soft, then turn off heat.

In the meantime, drain and rinse the kala chana under cold water and add 5 heaped tablespoonfuls to a frying pan with some water only.

Chop in half your onion and cut into half rings and add on top. Bring to high heat and chop the mushroom and add. Gently add some pepper to taste if you like. Even a spoonful of your favorite chilli sauce could fare very well with this.

Heat on high but stirring as often as you can until the onions have totally softened.

It is easy to assume that you need to add oil to do onions but you do not.

Heat your pitta bread and add the mixture from the fry pan but use a ladle as it will be hot.

If you like pastries of the pasty kind you will like this too, but wholemeal pitta please on this one! And not too many pastry type meals too often please. Add salt (not much) to taste.

As for the other dish, it is great hot. Very wet and you wonder what the taste is but it is the lemon. Very cleansing. I had two bowls and today when i awoke i felt as though my internal organs had been very gently washed with lemon.

I very rarely eat eggs at all now, i love them but seem to not feel inclined to often. I would but only if a particular meal required it. A a couple of halved hard boiled eggs could do well in the first half of this recipe too and would look very nice.

If leaving it to steep overnight, you might like to try adding 5 teaspoonfuls of cous cous with some extra water and a further grated large potato. Then re- heat but be careful to stir it and heat it very slowly as it might stick to the saucepan.

I also added a half bag of brussels sprouts which had defrosted. Be careful if food defrosts in freezer. DO NOT HOLD ONTO IT OR USE IT!

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