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Working on a similar principle to the former recipe but with a newer ingredient and no meat

Washed and chaffed

This recipe happened because i saw in a shop a packet of dall and was reminded of a trip to India when i was 18, don't ask how we got money to travel but an opportunity to travel happened.

I enjoyed India and its various climbs attitudionally and culturally and the people in temperament though always pleasant as diverse across a wide spectrum of happiness combined with circumstance and life itself. All intertwined in a glorious and colourful richness even often amidst what could seem to others and respectfully and non-condescendingly an abject poverty. This is not saying that help is not needed in many or some cultures, far from it. Help with sustainability and if you are in a country which can boast a considerably longer life expectancy, that any of us can boast to live in countries where longer life expectancies are often even complacently enjoyed should never be ignored.

And there will be those who attempt to undermine that though often it would seem, totally unwhittingly.

From Delhi to Mahabalipuram and Ooty and even in Agra and Madras at that time, dall was all i really ate.

Then, i was often asked if i wanted an orange juice and was so gasping that i said yes only to then discover it was mango. I never ate mangoes for 20 years after i returned to the UK. I now quite like them though and i will do a recipe with some one day. Anyway, this recipe or combination was to include dall as i like the taste of dall, i would maybe do it with a little garlic and some onion or on its own because the nutty texture is different to that of even brown rice and is an unusual nice. The grains slightly smaller than rice and the cooked item certainly when i used it, less stuck together.

Also, a couple of weeks ago i was in a hurry and threw someting together quickly which i think you will really like. Particularly if you enjoy or have liked pastries. So i have added that too.

A meal for two people with different tastes. Or simply another choice for you. But a tasty nice choice.

And remember..... click on photos to display larger photo.

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