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So, you like cheese, you've walked into a shop and seen and felt Mozzarella but am unsure of what to do with it?

Or you are on a date and want to impress with a self- cooked recipe.

Try slicing a ciabatta loaf in half.

Add a modest optional sprinkling on the lower half of the ciabatta.

Slice the mozzarella and place on the bread on top of the oiled half.

Chop maybe half a dozen 6-8 olives and place on top of the cheese.

Chop longways 4 spring onions and place on top of the olives.

Add a small amount of salt and ground black pepper if you like.

Place on top of ovenproof rack (use oven gloves/ something suitable for removing hot rack from oven), place in oven for ten minutes or the recommended time if more is suggested on the wrapper on the ciabatta if it is in a wrapper.


Try with different things but not too many too often if dieting ok!

If on the Regenprotec diet strategy, maybe a treat rarely.

No more than once every three months if on strategy presently and ONLY the first time with olive oil.

A treat!

Very yummy!

Would be excellent with water or lemon squash or even a glass of chilled white wine or even a cold beer too. But remember: Alcohol 'can' affect you more if dieting.

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