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No waste/celery leaves too

There were some baby broad beans left in a drawer of my freezer and i knew i wanted to do something with them but wasn't quite sure what? Ingredients Approximately 175/200 gramms frozen baby broad beans 6 pieces of frozen spinach and one vegetable Oxo cube 2 of the larger sized baby potatoes from a bag of baby potatoes 1 large carrot 1 sachet of broccoli and cauliflour cup a soup mix 2 medium sized and one large dried lime slices 3 large tablespoonfuls of tomato puree Half a level tablespoonful of hot curry powder (although you won't actually taste it in the dish) 1 half mustardspoonful to 1 level mustardspoonful of butter 1 pink onion 2 sardines from a tin of sardines (in brine) Celery amount as in photo Half level teaspoon shrimp paste. And some garlic too Optional Garnish: One tomato Some of the celery (still amount as in photo) Celery leaves

Start by bringing to the boil the baby broad beans, then simmer, add the spinach and let it soften naturally. You'll want first a large saucepan and to half fill it if possible, try to top it up if necessary as you go along. Then carefully add the baby broad beans and the soup mix to the saucepan as often mistakes are not so easily rectified and can also be very messy? Add to the saucepan the two potatoes but wash and grate them and a grated carrot. Add one of the lime leaves and once the contents of the saucepan have boiled just for a minute or so switch the heat to a medium to low heat and simmer for a few minutes, then simmer on a low heat for a few more minutes,

you'll know when to because you'll see like a light froth on top of the water, then switch the heat off and put in a dried lime slice (as in photo). Use a ladle to carefully remove some of the froth. Place lid on saucepan. After a while, remove the dried lime slice and add the tomato puree and the butter and carefully put in the curry powder and the two sardines. Bring to the boil again slowly and switch off the heat but beforehand stir gently with a wooden or long arm plastic spoon. The next thing is, have a little think about your garlic and you should by now have an idea of taste and flavour variations. Sometimes the garlic is quite dry and the garlic skin oily and other times more fresh. I actually wanted to use the pieces which were not so fresh, yes they were difficult to chop and yes some of the skins were really so oily, but if you like garlic. Though funnily, i think it complements the dish but you don't taste it?

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