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Courgette or mushroom.

Just how versatile are beautiful lentils. Try mixing, with a coffee cup, add two cupfuls of green lentils and one of red. Also add some shallots and sliced mushrooms. Also added here was some pimento and garlic power and a mashed carrot. And a level of tandoori masala powder. The differences tastewise of the various lentils are quite uniquely diverse, as indeed is their cooked consistencies and how they cook together too you'll find. Play around with the different elements, enjoy yourself a bit! The end photo of the finished shallots and lentils doesn't look nice really, but if you like lentills, you'll know it has not been stirred yet and it is an amazing surprise. Green lentils are green, as are lentilles verte but the taste etc is quite different. Once you have got through this cooked up treat, maybe transfer the remainder to another saucepan the next day and add to it, some more cooked green lentils and some frozen spinach.

Buttery spread on a coffee-spoon compared with a teaspoon so you'll know what we mean on our sites by a quarter of a teaspoon for example, though in the photo it is still more that we would usually use.

So, you've cooked lentils again (large saucepan used here), here too were used 2 cupfuls lentilles vertes which are green but smaller than green lentils, also half a cup of red lentils. You've spiced them up to your liking, be it with turmeric root, chopped chillies, green chillies too and an onion, a couple of garlic cloves and also some garlic powder and a peeled and cored cooking apple. Add a little ground ginger but no stock cube. Then try adding one sliced courgette from a pack. You could also add some baby sweetcorns or even some chicken if a meat eater. But you would not need to add too much. Mushrooms can surely improve the depth and courgettes and with skins left on, just trim the end off, can improve the texture.

Just thoroughly tasty!

Wondering why add the cooking apple? Maybe see our appleish recipe.

Click on photos to see larger version of photo Our appleish recipe

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