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Chunky bean onion

Ingredients list added here too (for convenience purposes): Half teaspoon ground ginger 5/6 cloves of garlic 1.5 Teaspoonfuls of Madras Curry Powder 4 cardamom pods 3 tablespoons of tomato puree A heap teaspoon ground turmeric 1 teaspoon mustard powder half coffeecup porridge oats Two largeish firm cooking apples Level teaspoon -teaspoon ghee

2 small scotch bonnett chillies Level teaspoonful of crushed whole cumin seeds (place on chopping board and carefully chop), they are very small but as with scotch bonnett chillies make sure that you do it carefully as bits may fly off. Be especially careful with scotch bonnett chillies if you have children or pets and if possible wear gloves. DO NOT WIPE YOUR EYES WHILST CHOPPING SCOTCH BONNETT CHILLIES UNLESS YOU HAVE WASHED YOUR HANDS SO VERY CAREFULLY, OR REMOVED YOUR GLOVES.

One vegetable stock cube 3 sticks of celery Punnett mushrooms 1-1.5 tablespoons of soy sauce 1 fish stock cube 1 150gram pot bio live yogurt 1 nice sized onion 8 fish sticks (optional) Green beans 1 heaped or 2 level tablespoon of onion gravy granules.

Feel free to leave the saucepan with the contents in for even an hour or two. I wanted to see whether the wait would improve the taste because sometimes certainly with some of the recipes on our sites, if the food is left on the cooker for a while or in a refrigerator where indicated the food seems to become even more flavorsome.

Add all of the ingredients highlighted in red except the onion, chopping the celery and the mushrooms into very thin slices and where possible throw in the smaller mushrooms. It will be advisable even to try to source some very small mushrooms if you see any because it was really nice to find a flavored small mushroom in with the recipe, i have a feeling that small mushrooms might be disgarded by some companies as not quite there but if you see any, use them and certainly no need to chop them, just trim the ends and make sure to rinse your mushrooms. As for the fish sticks, slice them (not lengthways) into small bits and add.

Again when you have added these ingredients, bring to the boil and boil for only a couple of minutes and switch off the heat, then last of all chop up your onion into chunky pieces and seperate the pieces and gently stir the onion in. Yes, no heat on cooker. Put the chopped onion into the hot solution and put the saucepan lid on.

You might think why add onion gravy granules and an onion? I didn't want to use flour.

Prepare your green beans. You can use white rice with this but not much if on a weightloss programm. There will be enough to serve cetainly more than ten. Or keep it in a refrigerator for a couple of days only. Heat when required. I haven't tried freezing it but it may be ok. I'll say how it turns out frozen in next day or so. And don't forget the cardamom tea.

Tasty tip:. When reheating, do not allow to keep on boil, then the chunky onion will maintain its firmness and it's a nice tasty crunch?

Also, if not on a weightloss programm or if confident enough (Tier 4) you can try spooning a few spoonfuls of this sauce into a cook yourself baguette, maybe add a tomato and some lettuce too.

It would also be superb with chicken should you happen to be partial to meat.

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