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Diary notes:

After adding the recipe/suggestion No sugar sweet i had a black coffee. It was the first coffee i'd had in a while and it was kind of nice, i actually had a coffee (no sugar or milk) with the meal itself, it seemed to even kind of complement it. I was really apprehensive about doing a coffee, as if i didn't really want to somehow.

I looked at the coffee jar and my thought was "there's nothing wrong with coffee". I smiled.

My coffee consumption has slimmed down dramatically and i have ordered a teapot today rather than making green tea or other in a water jug.

I am bracing myself to put the next recipe together but did make an interesting discovery yesterday. That along with what i did over winter which was not as per normal foodwise i shall try to add soon. i am trying to move forward.

I find that some of the fruit infusions although they may be labled as same can vary considerably depending on brand and of course personal tastes can vary, good to shop around and try a few. It can help if making a switch to put two of the teabags (they are often in teabag form) in for a while but eventually see it as a personal challenge to not the change to only one. The apple and cinnamon infusion is really not bad at all.

Over the winter time this year i decided somehow that i wanted to try something new. It had been horrible the year before with one of my two cats dying (age 15) and the year before that too when i had three cats. They were all from the same litter so i was quite scared and kind of barrackaded the draught areas up in my flat and made sure she was warm and because i felt she still missed her sister sometimes. She had become quite possessive but i didn't mind, i was more concerned for her to be honest but im sure she knew that too.

My last cat did pass away a few weeks after (age 16, the vet said that she had cancer). I was already well into winter and Christmas had passed but but for Christmas sake i braved it. I had decided to eat only garlic bread over the whole Christmas/holiday season and through the winter believing that somehow if i stuck to one primary food group, then i wanted to see if it would be easier then to switch to a variety of foodgroups.

My weight did increase considerably even though only eating one or two garlic breads daily. I used various shop bought ones which are fantastic but also i made my own and that was fun. I preferred to shop bought ones and when they are cooked correctly in an oven instead of in a plastic tray in a microwave and it is actually better for you i am very sure because the intensity of the heat and the baking tray has an effect on the butter and the bread and the overall cooking experience, less fatty garlic butter which would otherwise still be in a plastic tray if microwaved.

"Ok you might not have a blender or blitzer yet, try a potato masher".

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