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Fish sticks plussed

You'll notice to the right, the photo shows the sauce mixed with the pasta, it looks less the golden colour because of the lighting avaiable but i wanted to show you the roasted garlic at top of photo. Slightly browner in colour than the usual garlic and it smells amazing so if a garlic lover or even if not, you might like to attempt to try the roasted variety as a kind of garnish too. Personally, i didn't mind but i am 90% sure that it would have been just as nice actually cooked with the sauce when the sauce was being made. The meal was not over-poweringly garlicky and you can even try it with only one clove of garlic, the combined ingredients are all quite a special blend and do work well together. The meal would serve 6 or even 7. Best served hot. If the pasta goes a bit dry in the saucepan, try throwing in the remaining fish sticks from the packet and add a few tablespoonfuls of cold water and two tablespoonfuls of semi-skimmed milk, it will freshen up again like it never went dry in the first place.

Photo 2 (above) is without the roasted garlic added but with regular garlic included in sauce. If you fancy trying the roasted garlic, photos 3 and 4 show the recipe with the roasted garlic as a garnish. The meal is very very tasty anyway. Don't forget to remove the chilli.

You could add some sweetcorn to this meal too, no more than one coffeecup full, or some pineapple but really not much, it doesn't need it. Or you could finish off with a glass of chilled pineapple juice or water.

Please click on photos to see whole photo. Thank you.

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