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Diary notes:

As of the 7th day in a month, i was still on cardamom tea, fruit infusions and odd bits of food. I seemed to have moved from caffeine too and was not aware that i was achieving it because it was not deliberately part of any personal plan or structure. I have been out of milk for maybe 5 days and i hadn't had the black coffee mentioned in recent days before. On 6th i went shopping and deliberately did not buy milk. I have not drank coffee still for maybe a week now, it's not odd, wondering why is another matter? Though i am not concerned. Too, i hadn't been in the mood to eat the new recipe i had planned to cook because i had housework needs, creating recipes is one thing but then having to tackle the washing up is something else? My kitchen is not like the long galley kitchen i left behind a few years ago, it's sweet but compact here. I threw some odd bits of food together instead, as opposed to wasting great food. I consoled myself and thought that te new recipe would come soon. When watching the commonwealth games i feel so humbled at the great works some are and have been doing globally. Some weeks ago and yes i hardly ever do or have wanted to, i seemed to want to get some nuts. I purchased some regular salted peanuts and opted for the smaller bag (much smaller) it was really nice, i ate them over a period of maybe a week but sealed the bag with a clothes peg each time i had a few. Very tasty. Yesterday it was the 6th and whilst at a shop and knew i wanted to buy some nuts to use in a recipe, i saw some brazil nuts and thought that yes they may be a expensive purchase comparitively but if you only have a few now or a few really now and then, then it kind of works out ok. Obviously not if nut intolerant. I also purchased another item which is kind of expensive, it says two servings on the packet but i already had maybe 5 small servings of only a few and i am not even half way through it yet. I'm working on looking further into using this product and how. Usually i try to do some things mealwise over winter, certainly with the season in mind and the changes generally until the winter has passed, especally a festive type of meal for example but this year and for a variety of reasons i tried something i'd never tried before, i am now kind of moving forward from that and shall shall mention it here soon. Maybe it's surprising somehow but maybe not too.

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