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Jasmine rice with?

If planning to eat when cooked, rinse and put your rice on. Bring to boil and simmer on very low heat (200/250 gramms of rice with these ingredients will serve 3-5). Also for this you'll need 3 'cooking' onions, plus add fresh garlic as generously as you feel appropriate, only two of the cloves in the photo here were 'omitted', half a vegetable stock cube (this time knorr stock cube was used) 1.5 tablespoonfuls of ground ginger, 3 dried anchovies, half a mustard spoonful of ghee (slightly less than third or above quarter of teaspoonful) water, 2-4 chopped chillies, 1.5 tablespoons of tomato puree, up to 3/5 tablespoons of single cream. Serve with Basmati rice.

Put water in deep frypan and gently bring to boil. Slowly add the chopped onions 'to the water' and then add the chopped garlic. If you put the ghee in first before the water, you could end up with fried onions, so water first please. Then add the half of a stock cube, gently stir it in and add the ghee and the ground ginger and the chopped anchiovies followed by the chopped chillies. After 20 minutes on fair heat but not burning it stir when you can. Then add the single cream. You can also consider sliced chicken in this dish and even pineapple, as you can see in the photos added here were two quorn sausages chopped into slices. You might like to try adding some lemon zest but not too much of it may affect the cream consistency. Drain your rice well. Enjoy. No need to add salt and pepper unless you like to personally. Certainly no pepper though and only a smidgeon of salt after serving (if you need to). Try with a glass of cold milk. If you have followed the recipes and suggestions on our site you may be already doing stuff like this. Hope so! I personally feel that adding sweetcorn to this dish could take from the dish and present as way too sweet, but by all means a jasmine infused rice could suit or even a hint of cardonam but add only one chopped cardonam 'TO THE DISH' as adding the half stock cube. But in all honestly the rice was a stunning basmati purchased from a local shop not a supermarket unlike the chillies which you can see in one of the photos and so so so so fluffy. Yum! Wow!

Sausages are meat free Quorn but you could add chicken.

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