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Mintissome not

29 October at 06:42 ·

Serves 6-8 easily: I was handed a small bag of chicken pieces because they had too much, i thought how will i like to try to use them and kindly. I put 250 gramms of brown rice in a large saucepan, added water, a tablespoon of soy sauce is optional but could be added. You can try with baby sweetcorn and bamboo shoots or regular sweetcorn too, if you don't want to use chicken but then yes i'd consider a half tablespoon of soy sauce. Also and totally optional, a level quarter teaspoon of shrimp paste (optional). Stir in 2 teaspoons of mint sauce (i had some left in a jar). 1 level teaspoon of ground ginger, half a bag of frozen garden peas, a quarter level teaspoon of ground garlic (i had run out of stock cubes too). Also add a quarter of a level teaspoon of crushed chillies but only if you like a mild zip of chilli. Add a tin of kidney beans when it's almost cooked and put in low simmer until they cook through. Add a teaspoon of butter or buttery spread. A very slight amount of salt. It has a real nice flavour though the texture is like mince. It was a small bag of chicken pieces which were about to go over, maybe size of less than half a bag of sugar. I still have more than half left. Best served hot/ once cooked it's fine to microwave too.

Bon apetit!

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