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Moving to meat free?

You could be mistaken for thinking that a meal couldnt be any plainer if you tried but that's sometimes how we are and it was christmas time, we know its is a holiday for many and a time can mean different things and associate a different reasoning to all.

Plus as it was christmas and yes a holiday too, we thought we'd try a apple and cider packet mix purchased from a local supermarket for the sauce. It was very very nice! Going meat free or even trying meat alternatives for some can actually be a big matter and if you tried it before but were not 100% impressed...... it can be a big decison. If not already fired up with what type of delicious sauces to make and certain, have a look at them, such a wide variety of choice, you can hardly go wrong.hinking of trying a alternative to meat roas, why not create a stunningly delicious meal as this was to get you well on your way.

The photo on the left is of the meal which was had.

Used was a quorn roast found in a supermarket a week before. So many ideas as to what do do with it but but it was decided to have 'as is'. It was lovely.

Quorn roast with sweet and regular potatoes baked in mild apple and cider sauce (enough to make them sticky and crunchy) steamed brussells sprouts and mildly honey covered cooked parsnips with a delicious sauce made with green, black and white pepper. The sweet potatoes kept their shape and were a little stodgy tastying but very yummy, the regular roasted potatoes were very delicious too and a different texture. All potatoes were cooked with skins on but trimmed.

Quorn roast has a nice texture too.

Totally yummy hot or cold

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