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Peppered pulses plus

Some wonderful new potatoes and some shallots cooked together with some green beans and then drizzled lightly even with some left over sweet and sour sauce can be amazing. Don't forget to add the ground white pepper too again a totally 100% different taste.

After reading our peppered pulses recipe, i hope that as no doubt you are aware of the medicinal factors and their affects that you will appreciate this very simple but effective meal solution too. Some delicious new potatoes with barley and split peas and lentils (yellow split pease and greeen and marrowfat peas dried) and a fish stock cube and up to 8 shallots or more. Cook but ladle off the excess water carefully. Add some dried mango to the pot once cooked and place a lid on. Wait until the mango has totally rehydrated in the mixture. Then add some ground white pepper. Every component of the recipe will be delicious. With a glass of mineral water, superb. Remember, water retention is caused when your body is de-hydrated, this then causes your system to attempt to compensate. So especially in the heat, try to keep hydrated. And remember: Hot water placed in a freezer freezes quicker than cold water, never underestimate a cup of hot #tea and other hot beverages too in the heat.

Bon apetit!

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