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Custard creams do not call you to the cupboard. It was day 12 and i had lost one pound more.

'Yes'.... another 1lb lighter!!!!! That meant that if i put on 6lbs over christmas then another pound a few days after, i had now got back to my original weight before Christmas. I decided not to stop, even with a cold.

Cravings? I can say that after writing a recent entry with regard to what i'm up to here, then realising that i hadn't linked the previous 5 pages together for you, i was not exactly happy so spent a while sorting it out (apologies for that). Did i have a bread craving after? I ate a pear and then a while later the remaining avocado pear (i'd bought two for £1.00), also i found them to be quite filling and didn't eat anything else that day. The following morning when i woke up, i had on my mind images of fatty deposits for some reason? Which, are known to accumulate around the internal organs of some if they are not careful or have health complaints which may or could encourage such developments (possibly), maybe that's the kind of theory on that. But anyway i was visualising human internal organs surrounded by fat to the point where they either could not function properly at all or were so at risk of not doing so by the sheer affect of the accumulation of far too much fat. I was de-cluttering somehow psychologically?

Similarly, i hoped that with careful management, it may be possible also with the help of EATING CORRECTLY and CAREFULLY, to eventually remove or if possible alter the structure of some of my own deposits whether fatty deposits or not, by making the properties within, which everyone has (unless with certain medical conditions unknown to me) eventually/ function as they should and are meant to.

If you walk into a shop (a grocers for example) and if you have been doing that for years. Try to visualise that each day you may see things like for example a huge sack of potatoes in that shop and many other things. The shopkeeper as kind as they are, have more than one customer so naturally thay try to cater choicewise for the many customers that they have because they want to and because they hope maybe that you would be a loyal customer of theirs too. But may of those things 'you personally' do not need. I wondered whether sub-consciously our memories store all of those things which we see and have seen for such a long time and create stacks of totally inconsequential memories. De-cluttering?

He didn't care that she wore a long coat all of the previous summer. He was

happy that she made some changes which could have helped to save her life.

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