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No sugar sweet

As often, not always i thought i might like to add a recipe which though totally no sugar added shall complement your apetite with a sweetness that yes, you rightly deserve having accomplished so much or even if contemplating making change, it shows at least that there are treats in store even if potentially an unusual kind. Another interesting thing about this is that it can as you will notice be even sweeter but also it is kind of not but it a real yummy sweet too. If a fish eater i think it would be amazing too to add a very small piece of salmon, it would complement it well and you'd only need a small piece like an inch square. Ingredients: One large sweet potato 5 smaller/quite small cloves of garlic One large white onion 3 tablespoons of tomato puree One vegetable stock cube Frozen garden peas One bayleaf Optional/not used in this recipe but can be applied Two teaspoonfuls to 1.5 tablespoon of tomato cup soup mix One lemon Salmon Three quarters fill a large saucepan with water please. Chop finely one onion, add the onion and then chop and slice into small pieces the sweet potato. I realise that sweet potato can be cooked with skin on and in this recipe the sweet potato was washed but only the ends trimmed off and any minor odd discoloured bits removed. Add the vegetable stock cube and the tomato puree. Bring to the boil and add the bayleaf and simmer. I wondered about adding a chilli sauce to this but it didn't quite do it, also about adding a tin of chopped italian tomatoes but i saw those as another meal.

Clicking on photos to see larger photos please. Thank you.

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