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No sugar sweet

When its at the simmer point and when the potato has softened, ok you might not have a blitzer or blender but use a potato masher and carefully mash the ingredients in the saucepan, then add the frozen garden peas. You'll either love the taste of garden peas anyway and wont mind trying something new or you'll want to sample garden peas in a different taste surprise element . Maybe you know someone who is not keen on garden peas, give it a try! It is naturally sweeter than some of the recipes on this site and if you like the idea of making it even sweeter, get a lemon and pierce the skin and gently squeeze a drip of lemon juice onto your serving. There will be up to 6 servings and honestly nothing else needs to be added. And yes it would be excellent with salmon. If having an instant coffee with it, put the coffee into the cup, add some cold water and mix it with a spoon, then add the boiling water. No sugar and no milk. If you want to increase the flavour dynamic, but honestly it does not need it, add a spoonful of tomato cup soup mix. No salt and use minimal ground black pepper if you use.

I wondered about a thickening agent such as arrowroot or cornflour but i don't think it would suit. Fine 'as is'.

Since putting this together and just to be certain for you as to it's effect, i discovered : "Japanese researchers found proteins in the starchy water suppress appetite. It contains sweet potato peptide which is produced during the boiling process".

Neither eat nor forget to add the bayleaf!

Clicking on photos to see larger photos please. Thank you.

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