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No waste, celery leaves too.

Sure it was tasty, but surely you know that all of it wasn't eaten at once.

Moderation don't forget.

Some, as with many of our suggestions was put into clean plastic containers and frozen for a few days as soon as it had cooled.

The chopped celery was kept on a seperate plate an covered with foil, whilst the leaves maintained their shape and texture, the small amount of chopped celery did not keep it's colour well at all. The celery that was added to the recipe whilst cooking maintained its crunchiness and the recipe taste was unaffected by freezing. The sauce was added to some cooked wholemeal pasta and allowed to defrost and then reheat the whole meal on a very low heat, it worked quite well though i did think it would do really well with maybe some capers added.

Note please: A better way to do it would be to defrost and reheat the sauce and then add the sauce to hot cooked pasta.

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