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Nut free but nutty

This was a quite accidental recipe but wow, so lovely, i never had to think about whether i would want to add it to add it to Regenprotec or not, it was an immediate yes. Some of the recipes do happen like that and some come when they do or require tentative planning and the plans sometimes change.

When i tasted this (and parmesan is a total optional even though photo shows with one tablespoon of ground parmesan, you can add a very mild sprinkling of gound black and ground white pepper too). You might even like to try this with some raisins in it or some chopped dried mango if you do.


One coffeecup of brown rice

1-2 coffeecups of soya mince

half of a vegatable stock cube

1 Linda McCartney vegetarian red onion and rosemary sausage

a dozen or so capers

quarter teaspoon of valencia orange extract

Optional: One tablespoon of ground parmesan

Sprinkling of ground black and ground white pepper.

Cook the rice, then pour boiled water over it whlst in a collander

Put the rice back into the saucepan with two tablespoonfuls of boiled water from the kettle

Stir with a plastic or wooden spatula to prevent from sticking

Add the mince and heat, try stirring if possible to prevent it from sticking to saucepan

Put the sausage on a saucer in microwave and heat for one minute, then add to mixture

Add the capers

add the ground stock cube

add the orange extract

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