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Pishy fitta?

Some of the recipes on some of the pages on this site are of food which i may never have seen before or had any experience in cooking or sampling or certainly eating.

Here is another one of those.

It reminded me not of my visit to India when i was 18 and yes wearing a dhoti and a corta. I had since though heard of situations in some countries where drinking water needs to be purer or at least drinkable. I could not afford to design and patent have patented a solar powered water heater. I know that the great Trevor Bayliss CBE invented the wind up radio which was a huge success but a solar powered water heater which would enable those where fresh water is not so prevalent to boil the water to a sufficient drinkable level. When is a fire with a cooking pot never enough. But to drink and something which children could learn about. Or a phrase, they used to use it in Spain, don't drink the water unless it is boiled maybe? You choose on that one. Ok granted i didnt have a cooker straight away when i moved into this flat. But some don't yet have electric in some places?

Solar powered water heater. Just an idea. I am aware that there is work being done to those in lower egypt at the moment with regard to assisting people with solar powered water heaters made of recyclables to their homes. If i had money to spend around i have had ideas. But in the meantime let's try to hang on in there. It all somehow sounds quite admirable work and not easy.

I'd been to a supermaket and met a lady who was buying some frozen fish. I was looking at the bangladeshi freshwaterfish. The lady (of asian background i think) was in a sarih and did ask a question as to interpretation of language on the packets of fish which i did attempt to respond to as there was every possibility that it was purely a nice friendly gesture and the person knew anyway, maybe.

I did smile courteously and politely and meant it. It was nice to be asked by such a distinguished looking person.

Anyway i bought some of the bangladeshi freshwater fish. It came as frozen in a solid lump.

I broke off a piece when i could get around to deciding what to actually do with it.

Ingredients/ Photo right

Some bangladeshi freshwaterfish (frozen)

Half an onion

Some chillies

Some garlic

Some green beans

One pitta bread

Salt and pepper to suit your own taste

A 1"x 5mm piece of fresh ginger (finely chopped).

Half a lime (totally optional)

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