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I thought 'wow knock your cotton socks off' (Hot).

when i first by chance stumbled upon this combination.

I had planned to do another recipe based around apples /cooking apples, so maybe it is quite apt that the recipe prior to this on this site was a recipe made with cooking apples.

I would personally recommend that you do not use this recipe if you have not been following the Regenprotec strategy for more than 3 months. There is no hurry and at least you can look forward to this.


250g of dried spaghetti (photo is of a 500g bag). Prices vary but we used the least expensive we could find.

One fish stock cube.

One and a half level teaspoonfuls of extra hot dried chilli powder.

We used a smaller mustard spoon and put two quite heaped spoonfuls in but thought it would be too sizzling for some.

One pineapple (we used one slice, cut into cubes).

1-3 tomatoes (we used one)

1.5- 2 mustard spoons of cornflour

One orange (we used half of one orange).

One absolute tiny drip of vegetable oil.

Some zest of one lemon.

Start by putting a saucepan of cold water on the stove.

Rinse your spaghetti under a cold water tap slightly and add to the saucepan. Be careful that the flame does not rise up the side of the saucepan and catch the spaghetti because if this happens, it could be dangerous, plus it doesn't tast too nice. Once the spaghetti is all in the saucepan, reduce heat slightly and allow to cook. Add the smallest drip of vegetable oil that you can.

In the meantime, get a seperate container (maybe a bowl or a plastic smaller milkpan maybe). Crumble the fish stock cube into it and then add the chilli powder.

Half fill a kettle with water and boil the water.

Reduce heat on the saucepan briefly and use a ladle and scoop just a small amount of water from the saucepan which the spaghetti is in (maybe 4 tablespoons). There may be like a bubbly foam on top of the spaghetti where it is cooking but ignore that, get the water only.

Add that to the chilli powder and the stock cube. Mix with could water the cornflour and then add the soluting to the chilli and fish stock cube.

When mixed, add some lemon zest. Click on photos to see larger version.

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