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Sweet ginger too

Certainly if you have enjoyed a few lentils recently, you might appreciate some extra further subtle relaxing calm. Try putting water into a large saucepan. Wash and chop 3 sweet potatoes and one large carrot and add a quarter cup of lentilles verte. Also add one vegetable stock cube and one chopped standard red thinnish chilli pepper (and seeds). It seems like it will be hot but it's a subtle taste. Add a minimal little salt and a very tiny bit of ground black pepper. Bring to boil and simmer until ingredients have softened. Remove the liquid to a jug and mash the ingredients well. Then pour in half of the liquid, and add a quarter level teaspoonfuls of butter or butter spread. Also add a three quarter teaspoon of tandoori masala powder and 1-1.25 teaspoon of ground ginger and (optional) a quarter level teaspoon of satay sauce. Then chop two sticks of celery and add those and simmer again. The celery will be still slightly crunchy. Enjoy. If you have any coconut milk opened or similar like a coconut cream, i think it could be nice with it, but really, only such a little, no more than maybe half level teaspoon to try it with. It's fine on it's own, so if that tin or pack is unopened, save it until next time.

Delicious hot and really, even not so hot.

If adding satay, remember satay contains nuts.

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