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I wasn't sure what to add to this, but commented at end of article, what would you have done i wonder?

These ingredients are suited to approximately 250g pasta. Cook your pasta to seconds past aldente so not overcooked but firm. Whilst doing this put half a teaspoonful of ghee into a smallish saucepan. Some may have seen bags of onions known as cooking onions, one of these onions was used in this. Chop the onion and add to the ghee (purified butter), use a wooden spoon and gently stir. Then add half cupful of water which has been boiled in kettle and allowed to cool, so if you made tea earlier any water from kettle will be fine. Then add 1 tablespoon or three quarters tablespoon full just above level of madras curry powder, one half tablespoinful of garlic and ginger paste (Laila is product company name used in this), also add approximately a 3 quarters teaspoon of ground turmeric and similar or very slightly less of Jalfrezi Masala powder and half level teaspoon of mixed herbs also.....crumble in less than half of a vegetarian stock cube. Add a small amount of additional amount of water if required. Add too a half to three quarter tablespoon of tomato puree. Temperature of saucepan should be hot but not with ingredients boiling. Five minutes before cooking time has finished before you drain the pasta add just less than a tablespoon of couscous to the sauce and very small amount of salt and ground black pepper. Mix pasta and sauce together and stir slowly. Try adding some ground parmesan or if you cannot do parmesan try using a larger onion or two smaller onions. A few capers if you have any in fridge could be nice too or maybe even a few pieces of pineapple chopped finely. Enjoy! (4/5 servings). The onion, hintily so almost touching upon caramelized effect produced by the so gentle infusion of cinnamon and fennel and clove and extra ginger in the Jalfrezi adds a very unique subtle stickiness when combined and with the couscous added to somehow improve upon the already very mmmmmmmm yummy consistency. The pasta used here is Pennoni Rigati Pasta. A half cup of chilled milk after followed by maybe a real nice cup of coffee is quite something. If i were to add meat to this dish or fish i might suggest shredded beef, fish..... although it may seem odd some drained washed shelled mussels, the type you might but in jars. I thought that it could be nice to try certainly or if concerned about adding to the recipe, put a few on a side dish and try but the brine they may be in if in jar should be rinsed off totally.

Always remember portion size and don't overdo it.

It sometimes is not about whether it's beef or mussells, it could be how they are cooked.

Try to make it fun anyway!

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