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Another tasty tip

I even think that this toast is too burnt. You can adjust settings on most toasters. We know it's nice but think of adjusting the settings, yes think of turning the settings down a little if your toast is a bit burnt. Adjusting the settings will make for a chewier toast, so if you don't like it chewy, leave it in the toaster for half an hour after. We hope you like our newest recipe and hope to add again soon and we meant , or i meant what i said about our market site. Some might think they can't handle toast if with dentures for example, so, try dipping it in a delicious Ainsley Harriot aromatic Thai chicken lemongrass cup soup or another cup soup of your own choice. Or even a nice tomato soup. Mmmmmmmmmmm And don't forget, it's important to activate salivary glands even if you wear dentures and all important enzyme production to help with digestion. Butter or spread on toast? Try cutting the toast in half before putting spread on it. Put spread on one half and nothing on the other. Eat the half slice with nothing on it first. Sometimes pumpkinseed bread and sunflower breads may cost more but try compare how they toast up. As thinly as even you believe you have spread it; then see how much of the spread you keep on the other half. It would do no harm to adjust the settings on your toaster to ensure that your toast is not too burnt should it get burnt on edges.

Yes, you know the ingredients in the photo i hope, but what could you add?

After, i imagined how it would be with a drip of Valencian orange extract, mmmmmmm. 4 potatoes were used= 3 good servings of this size.

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