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The first weigh in.........................................................

For some of you it may well be your first day, i would recommend that you weigh yourself. (Seek medical advise if you have health concerns affecting your weight) or worries concerning health matters). Writings on these pages were/ are how i am attempting to deal with losing weight and maintain a personally perceived healthier lifestyle. If you gain any insight or learn from this experience or if this experience helps you in some way however small, i am glad. But it is your choice to read. If you are under 18 and have ventured upon these pages and are concerned about your weight, i would recommend that you consult your GP. I said i would include some photos soon and here are the first. I took a photo of my weight whilst standing on the scales yesterday (left photo belowi) and a photo of a meal. I am 5ft 9" tall without my heels on and i hope to lose another 2 stone. Of if i can more seriously tone up i don't mind my weight, it seems to be pretty much fortunately in the right places. I did lose the additional 2 stones (or a minimum weight loss of between 28 -36lbs). In my Jenapics photos, sure you see the photos which i choose to use, the photos which i think aren't so bad, but i have kept the other photos too. And i shall upload some of them too in due course. As if i would deny you that? Please, do not think that you cannot succeed!

(Above) Lunch: 2 grated carrots, one third of a chopped strong onion and 2 chopped tomatoes with a snip of a pinch of salt. Photo shows only 50% of meal prepered. Regular size dessert /soup plate.

Our legal page. Please read before embarking on this weightloss strategy. Thank you

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