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On 23. Feb 2013. 23.5lbs lost since January 1st, on 24.03.2013 i'd reached 2 stone lost.

5th January 2013.

As an introduction: I wrote two pages before writing this page. This page was wriiten on January 4th. For those/ anyone who may have an interest in holding onto their resolution plan or sticking to that goal you set for you or whoever. The structure of the initial / first pages are mainly writing. I shall very soon set up another page with titles on it so that you can skip to any page which may hold some kind of relevance to you, or what you yourself may be doing or wanting to do. As i've said, these pages were started on 4th January. Quite a few photos have now actually been added and i shall be adding more photos too. The photos at the moment are mainly of the food (some before and some after preparation) and of other items that may be of interest to you?

Regarding future titled pages? For example, one heading could read......... "I don't know why i felt nauseas earlier, maybe it was more difficult a transition from my daily coffee with milk to Green Tea". I have given personal reasons for the transition which is because Green Tea is said to have or assist production of nutrients/elements which assist the body with the sub-conscious defence mechanism/ conception that it may be in starvation mode and therefore possibly cause increased fat retention. This does not mean that the same properties in some cannot or are not found in coffee. I simply have not researched that. If when reading any of these pages you see that i'd lost 5lbs or 6lbs. Remember that the peice was written on that day. For most recent entries there is a link below and you can backtrack on the pages. xxx I could therefore have (and for various reasons) also supplied a title which could read, " a facet of an individual Journey". Whether cliche or not, you are on your own journey. Some have reasons for wanting you to beleive differently too i am sure. If my own experience in some way would help you to make decisions then i am happy with that. Below, commence with either the most recent pages included/added/written, or start at the beginning. On any page, you can go forward or backtrack and on some of those pages be returned to the main menu. This page and others Updated 23.02.2013. I must add that i am feeling quite scared right now and i do not know exactly why. It is not being suggested that you copy this routine or any part of it. Neither is any liability for harm caused accepted by or those associated if you do. That you may learn from some of it and in time judge for yourself could be key factors instrumentally in your own hopeful eventual welcome and happy success.

For most recent written page or photos, check with the main menu please

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