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If trying to lose weight, you do need help i know that. So if you need to treat yourself now and then to a small bag of pears for £1.00 you do it!

At the 15th day i felt that my tastes in the food which i may want to eat was changing? New habits foodwise began to form. I hoped that sticking to my eating regime was going to be good until i lose the weight i may want to lose and that as i do enjoy food i will be able to improve some recipe structures/ideas as i go along making it easier to switch or adapt to a revised menu once the weight is actually lost.

I never added oil to potato chips when i cooked them. Before Christmas 2012eating potato chips for me was an almost daily thing as part of an evening meal when i did eat an evening meal.

Do not allow yourself to be swayed from a routine by former habits once you get established.

Today before having my cereal i wondered about chopping a tomato and a third of an onion and having it in a pitta bread but thought that it wouldn't be such a good idea for me really. Do not allow yourself to be swayed or sidetracked from my regime too much unless you are aware of how the foodstuffs are supposed to work before trying. I went for my normal cereal and really enjoyed it and was somehow so glad that i did.

Only you can prevent yourself from success if wanting to lose weight.

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