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Why stop there?

So you've actually got some satay and some chilli sauce/oil but you want a break from oily or to greatly reduce? Most of our initial suggestions are oil and dairy free anyway as you know.

This was not a planned suggestion but it came out so well i thought i'd add it for you.

Raw foods can be nice too sometimes and those partly cooked and then left with a lid on. Yes there is a third cup of lentilles vertes in with this, three carrots, mushrooms and diced onion, garlic powder and a stock cube and a whole cabbage and even a small dried out chilli. Maybe you like the taste of your vegetables anyway, but there's nothing wrongly with appreciating them even more. What would you add to your Savoy cabbage if not happy just to boil it which is quite delicious yummy too.

Ever tried savoy cabbage on its own and cooked but served up with a sliced plum? The vividness of some of the green in the photo here, so incredible.

And next day why stop there? Satay chilli noodles with crisp vegetables and a few lentils vertes.

You'll only need to cook one portion of noodles, (two servings) cook them seperately and add some satay, a small bit of chilli sauce and the veg after.

(Store food in refrigerator).

Click on photos to see larger version of photo Savoy cabbage with plum

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