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The page 1 of abbreviations are as follows:

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H/p= Health permitting (if in any way uncertain or unsure 'seek medical advice'. If you havea mental health worker make a note of these daily routines and hand the note to your workerbto show them what you are doing or thinking of doing). Also, take due consideration and seek appropriate advice if pregnant.

Sq= Squats (feet 2ft 24"apart) . W/Lsq (feet 3ft/36" apart)
#  =   Press ups.
P5 =  Perform five minutes of gentle stretching or similar exersize.
Tc = Time allocation for completion of task/exersize.
S/u = Sit ups.
And H/p is? (Read notes above)
1 d/o = one day off.
O/d = Or if you dare/your choice H/p.
L/s5 = 5 leg minutes of leg stretching
L/r  = Leg raises (high) to side (hold onto secure furniture if you need to). L/r2 (no higher than 10")
R/i Rest in between.
NO CIGS = No cigarettes whilst ACTUALLY performing these routines.
S/j = Star jumps
R.o.t.s = Running on the spot
Ch 2: Choose 2 exersizes from the list above. Time for completion 30 minutes.
Ch 3: Choose 3 exersizes from those above. Time for completion 45 minutes.
LR2: Lay on floor on side (if on left -side place right palm of hand on floor in front of you) and lift right leg). Hold for 5 seconds
32p: Stand with feet 6" or 8" apart. slowly put your arms in the air and like a tall tree (palms facing each other) gently bend from the waist  using your hands as a balance move.both hands and arms to the left, no more than 10" and hold for  1 seconds then alternate. your hands should point upwards as you do this.  Do both sides and do this 3 times. you may find it easier to hold for one second at first, then gradually try increase up to 3 seconds with / as confidence grows.
Enquire at Gp regarding nicotine alternatives (NRT) if necessary/if appropriate for 'you'.

Re: Squats:

To begin with/or at any time,  feel free to use a secure piece of  furniture  to hold onto/hold your hand against for support. Please read this whole page first and  carefully if starting today, particularly with regard to seeking medical advice from your GP if uncertain or if you have any health concerns.

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These daily routines are guides only. Read the above carefully. And do 'obviously' in conjunction  'when/where possible' with a healthy diet.

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