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Some days i did not have cereal, i opted for an apple instead which was delicious.

A few weeks had passed and weight was not shifting but i felt so much slimmer. I think that as your body changes to a new regime you do feel different and are not so bogged down with foods that you may have eaten even only a few months earlier. Even water retention covered in some of the recipes later on i think has been a factor in this. I have noticed that if i drink a glassful of sparkling bottled springwater half an hour before going to bed, i certainly notice a difference the following day.  Try it.  It is also said to be good to drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal and that half an hour before bedtime can help to alleviate cramps.  

It may sound disgusting but a cream cracker and green 'lemon' tea actually tastes quite nice dunked.

Also on my shopping list were apples and beetroot.


I knew that beetroot had to be cooked but i put it in the steamer and it didn't cook so good. I was amazed by how much juices came from the beetroot and the colour is and amazing colour. I boiled the beetroots for about 1 and 3/4 hours on mark 3 (electric cooker). After they'd cooled they tasted just like beetroots normally would.  I did though also boll 3 medium size eggs. I have found that if i am really busy i can grab an egg white or a cracker and it can take the edge off. But i wouldn't do that/ snack more than twice in a day and i would be careful the next day and the next day after (and the day after that).


I did eat an apple for breakfast and two crackers yesterday and three eggwhites (of boiled eggs) and maybe ten olives and an evening meal which i photographed (and a cooked beetroot). None of the food i was eating was traditionally fattening or fatty types of food, Though remember  it is possible if you eat too much of the some foodstuffs to overeat and put on weight. Not becoming dispondent with slow change is important too. It is still change.

I found a novel and tasty way of making potatoes look 'even nicer'.

Experiment. This could be a great opportunity for you to discover more

of your own likes and your personal tastes.

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