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A surprise drink ingredient, but it's been posted here, so it passed our own strict enjoyability and likeability tests.

This was a surprise but once I tried it once, I must admit, I was kind of enjoying it a lot. Not too often but it is very unique and tasty. Plus, you don't need to buy all of the ingredients at once, as is the case with all of the items on this you can build up. But you have to try to remember to replace them when you run out as well. Unless you move on to the next recipe, or the next stepping stone of course. Try to keep strong.

I have had hankerings and it's very very tough but so far am ok.  You'd have to read the 'back a page' to know what I mean by that, not because I can't on this page, but because, this drink is this drink.

1 Ginger and lemon infusion teabag.
Two cloves of garlic chopped
Boiling water to cover the teabag and garlic.  
Sparkling mineral water.
Then add a tablespoon of lime cordial.

Put the infusion teabag into a small glass, add the garlic.. Then add boiling water. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator for twenty four hours.

Then add some to sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime cordial.

And that's it.

Two or three servings depending on how strong you like it.

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