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Citrus Fruits

July 9th. 

For some, it's as difficult keeping weight off as putting it on. Here on this site hopefully, whilst using our tier system, you'll be able to decide how you want your own boat to float.


Tier 1 suggestions are geared more at keeping weight off and lowering weight. Don't worry, we started this site in 2009, so our Tier system came first, if thinking about Covid.

Tier 4 recipes and suggestions are geared at the more confident, feel free to tweek and adjust as your confidence grows, but don't forget or become over-complacent.

Tiers 1-4 can help you restructure parts or much of your own eating regime, and put you firmly in control.


Once you have got through Tiers 2 and 3 on this site or you'll be making some hopefully nice food discoveries hopefully too, if you haven't already throughout those horrid lockdowns, unless unfortunately, you are still caught up. Begin with your initial whole combined weight of your daily chosen vegetables not exceeding 1000 grams. We want to help you to achieve, whatever the situation.

Some item and links on the site may not appear as well as they could, this is because the site has now moved.  Be assured that not only will the site be so much more improved than before, we are working hard to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

So please hopefully you'll enjoy looking at the various pages on the site.


None of our suggestions are 'set in stone'. Try not to binge drink if you drink alcohol. Use wholemeal pastas if possible. Replace some pasta with some potatoes sometimes and/or add more vegetables and try to incorporate salad items. Use our menu suggestion options to switch, save, build, replenish renew. If wanting to plunge straight in with cleansers and lower carb, please check the menu.

'It does not harm to substitute some of the greenery from recipes for some who may not be 'too partial,' with maybe some dried prunes as a 'purely considerative' thing but remember to clean teeth after, especially if eating before sleeping after prunes or dried fruits or sweeter foods.


*A cup of tea or coffee is fine, or water, mineral or still. And it doesn't mean drinking more tea and coffee if with sugar in it.*

Or why not just see our hot water item in the menu.


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