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Optional peanut

A whole broccoli and their trimmed whole /quartered stalks, cooked with some red lentils, quarter teaspoonfuls of ultra mild satay and hot chilli sauces and half tablespoon pimento, ginger and garlic powder, and a drip or two of vegetable oil and maybe / up to two level tablespoons of puree garlic and a sprinkling of chopped crushed dried chillies (one level tablespoon). And two tomatoes, mine needed rescueing a lttle but were still ok ony bruised sightly. Three or 2.5 times water to ingredients. Then remove some of the liquid carefully before adding the dry ingredients after the lentils have puffed out a bit.

Serving size would depend on size of broccoli. 3-8.

Total cooking time 15-20 minutes. You can leave it to stand.

Obviously as it's satay, it involves peanuts, extremely mild though so taste test and dont give to those with nut allergies.

Or maybe you'd like it with natural bio live yogurt?

Only use part of a small pot if you do, and save the rest to have after.

Superbly tasty! iBon apetit!

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