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Another tier four suggestion.

I'd bought a swede and was determined not to waste it in spite of not wanting to cook or even eat, I told myself that I must try to cook it today and even then did so two days after.


It was very very hard to cut through swede so you may need some help. I wanted to cut it into slices instead of just hacking bits off which is dangerous. This recipe has no garlic or onion although check on the ingredients in your stock cube if you use them.


One swede

One green chilli

One vegetable stock cube

Five good sized/ not too big potatoes, a little larger than a hens egg will be fine.

One teaspoon of chinese five spice

Six drips of chilli oil

One drip of valencian orange extract

One drip of moroccan almond extract.

One smoked mackerel fillet

One apple

Maybe you are thinking 'I could just imagine that with some sweet and sour sauce' or added, but then grilled or roasted? Add a dollop, but only one dollop. Mmmmmmm  Have you ever put sweet and sour sauce into a freezer and had a mustard spoon of it on it's own? Yum


Cut the swede and chilli and carefully chop the potatoes into small pieces. Put them into a saucepan of cold water and add the remaining ingredients, carefully place the smoked mackerel in the saucepan too, though add the chilli oil when the water is warm. Then simmer with lid on saucepan. When the tip of a kitchen knife can be pressed into the swede, you can switch off the heat.


Remove a third of the remaining liquid and leave the mackerel in the saucepan to enjoy later in the day, the flavour should intensify. Have the mackerel as a very seperate meal maybe or give to your friend if you don't eat fish much.


What do you see in the photos? Regenprotec using the same plate that they usually do?

By the way, the swede is incredible, it keeps its shape beautifully and was like a steak, but veggie style?

Apart from trimming the ends away, I used the whole swede, skin too.


In the evening or the next day, after keeping the remaining ingredients in keep the in refrigerator. Try adding 40g of thai green curry paste and some wholemeal noodles. It's fantastic, once cooked the swede can be easier to cut too for that.


As for the two photos, I cannot always get to a table and unfortunately my crockery? My cup, is my favorite cup, I dropped a dish on it a week ago. I hope to replace it soon. I am carful with the elastic thing, you'd be surprised what can even get behind that.

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