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Delicious leeks

I had been thinking about hydration and dehydration and affects and can honestly say that this was a recipe that i hope you will love. It's extremely tasty.

No oil used and no salt (except if in stock cube).

It is wonderful with a slice of bread or a half a baton or even a whole baton or a piece of crusty bread but if counting those calories, be mindful of the overall intake.


Three leeks

One chilli, as seen in photograph.

One clove of garlic

Half a cup of red lentils (standard coffee cup /not a mug, if using a standard teacup, the type you might place on a saucer, add a few more).

One cup of lentilles vertes

One tomato

One vegetable stock cube. Also one teaspoon ground almonds (optional)

Put water into a saucepan. Trim your leeks and slice chop two of the leeks into thin disc shapes. With the remaining leek, slice it down the middle lengthways, then slice each of the two half leeks down the middle and then cut the leek quarters in half across the middle, 'not lengthways'. It adds a different texture totally.

Trim the garlic clove and slice it into four, then cut it in half too.

Trim th chilli and slice it into quarters and add it with the seeds.

Cut the tomato into 8 pieces and add.

Add a vegetable stock cube.

Bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes then put a lid on the saiucepan and switch off the heat and leave it and get on with your other things. When you are then ready to have some, bring it all to the boil and simmer on very very low heat until the green lentilles vertes are to your liking. You can also heat it for a few minues and switch it off again for a while. Sometimes cooking the lentilles vertes on an extremely low heat but without switching off can ake them softer as you probably know, but you might like to try cooking then this way too.

I promise you, you'll want to cook it again.

Delicious hot or cold, with some bread or on its own. 4 or 5 Servings.

With a glass of water fantastic.

If you decide that you want to add salt, why not try a few grains only, but of celery salt.

Obviously do not add ground almonds if nut intolerant.

Keep refrigerated once cooked. I would suggest consumption within 24 hours but you can also add some cous cous to the saucepan on the next day (quarter, to one third of a cup) if you like, and it bulks it up a little. No need to add butter.

Bon apetit.

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