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An unusual suggestion but do you think laterally?

Have you ever cooked something and at the time of eating thought that the meal would be really nice with some additional ingredient? I did, but at the time i thought of raspberries. I bought some raspberries and because i was not up to cooking put them in the freezer to keep them for when i was feeling ready to. The following recipe is how it turned out. I hope you enjoy. Put half a bag of pasta on if you are quick in preparing food. If you are not, make the sauce first and cook the pasta as or when you are more confident. The pasta used here was 250grams of wholewheat fusilli. Get a large pan to make the sauce in. Add a very small amount of vegetable oil. Then add 4 tablespoons of tomato puree, put some water into the pan and crumble in a vegetable stock cube (any). There are different vegetable stock cubes some with higher levels of salt etc than others so you won’t need to add salt too even if you choose a less salt variety. Add one teaspoon of ground ginger, one teaspoonful of garam masala, Add just less than one teaspoonful of mustard powder, wait until it is hot and then add a coffeecup full of porridge oats. Add the tin of italian chopped tomatoes Stir with a wooden spoon carefully and add 2 or three drops of valencian orange extract. When your pasta has cooked drain and try to rinse under boiling water. If you choose to add raspberries, sure add them from the freezer bt wait for them to melt on the food. If you are not partial to onions or garlic, you might like to try this as an unusual taste, it kind of in a really odd way reminded me of onions and garlic but there is none in it?

Clicking on photos to see larger photos please. Thank you.

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