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These food ideas were or formed part of the eating strategy commencing on day 15 of my actual diet. Recipes changed and with time new habits formed and became as enjoyable as other food i had enjoyed before and still do.I had cravings, you might too but try to totally stick to your decision. Instant coffee (quite strong) instead of the green tea can be good but green tea has as unique a taste. The coffee with a tablespoon of SEMI-SKIMMED milk and NO SUGAR. THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT YOUR OPTIONS. Here: 4 medium sized eggs into a saucepan to do boiled eggs. Once the eggs had boiled, remove the white from one of the bolied eggs and remove the shells of two of them and put the other two into the fridge. I removed the eggwhite from one of the remaining two eggs and ate it as a snack. The other on a side-dish. At lunchtime, the other egg which i'd put to one-side i'd decided to use for lunch. ​ Lunch: One egg white, two crackers and one tomato. Please note the consistency of the coffee, the colour is not dark because of the colour of the photo. A few pages on, you may be pleased to note that i did get a new camera. A boiled egg is maybe 50-55+ calories including the yolk, the eggwhite boiled is usually around 11 calories. A cracker is approximately no more than 35 calories and is more the meal and more substantial tasting change than just an egg which themselves are great too. A packet of crackers i the cupboard (to assist) leaves the eggs free for a more experimental meal or a different kind of meal. Crackers can also help with variation/ making meals look and taste more different. Also dark Rye Ryvitas are great. Try a couple in a bowl with a half tin of italian tomatoes on them and some pepper.

Incidentally too:

During years 2014-November 2016 i ate eggs in a meal or on their own no more than 3 times throughout the whole period. But when i did, it seemed as an quiet personal polite homage to caged hens somehow.

Thank you

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