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Leek greens

You know the feeling possibly, where you have used amazing leeks in a recipe or meal and you have trimmed them and cannot decide what to do with the remainder, the bits you might usually have thrown out. I hope this will help you to decide. Then, place your leek greens on a chopping board and cut away the bits that you know shouldn't be there. You can see that in the photo of the cut leek greens, the edge of some of it even though already cut is very shiny wet compared to the rest of the leek and to touch it might feel slightly slippery. Cut away that part and do not use that part. Rinse the remainder and chop and add.


Leek cut offs

Two onions

Three cloves of garlic

One vegetable stock cube

Three tablespoons of tomato puree

Red lentils (as in photo) from 500 gram bag.

Three quarters cup (not a mugful) of Freekeh (Freekeh is made from Duram wheat so Coeliacs might like to try rice instead or suitable noodles would be fine as per those recommended to you usually).

If intolerant or avoiding gluten please also use rice or your recommended options)

Three small potatoes

light sprinkle of ground almond (no more than level teaspoon). If nut intolerant, do not use, but it's fine.

Put water into a saucepan.

Chop your two onions and add, chop the onion as finely as you can.

Add the chopped potato pieces.

Slice or chop the garlic cloves and add.

Add as much red lentils as you can see in the bag in the photo, it is a 500 gram bag

Add the Freekeh and crumble into the saucepan, add the stock cube and the ground almond.

You can see that in the photo of the cut leek greens, the edge of some of it even though already cut is shiny wet. Remove that shiny bit and do not use that part. Rinse them and chop. Add all of the other ingredients and bring to the boil and put the, simmer on very low until the potato pieces soften and then switch off heat and put lid on and let it rest for 30 minutes or more. It is nice. I wondered about adding some turmeric but the duram wheat/ Freekeh produces a nice enough colour. And that little piece of onion that got attached to the onion skin in the photo, it enabled a little taste of the onion. Get as much of the onion as you safely can when removing the ends. Mmmmmmmmm

If you like a more fortified soup, you could alsotry adding for example a cup soup mix or a soup mix to these ingredients as you can see in the last photograph. Check the ingredients if cautious or if you need to be careful on ingredients. I quite liked it hence my saying fortified but liked it without adding the soupmix too. It made it more dense and added a nice colour. But you could also add some kidney beans too to bulk it up.

Now i'm wondering, if you use cup soups, what flavour would you add? I think it would suit most.

Tastes better hotter than cold.

Bon apetit.

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