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Alcohol Reservedness

Since last posting on here apart from all of the shenanigans regarding the Amazon and the horrid remarks where a person actually said to me "so you managed to trade the smoke bombs for a pair of earrings" quipps. I had been invited to a venue because a person who was a friend of some friends of mine had committed suicide. I never met the chap but thought it sad, I tried to fathom why by looking at his photographs and theough I had notions, they were discounted when I asked about the person.

I didn't drink alcohol all day, those friends I was with work very long shifts and their workload, some in mental health is quite strenuous. It's lovely when we get opportunity to meet up. Two of them even said "we don't usually see you in the summer months". I was able to meet them four times this year and I totally felt unhappy about having to go to a function regarding a suicide and of a person I had never met. I was glad that I went.

After though, I thought of others I hadn't seen for more than a year and travelled to a venue. I was exhausted after having to queue up for an hour and an half but also glad to. I was tired and aching and hurting and I kept trying to take my foot from inside my shoe to lightly touch the floor that was cooler as kind of didn't want to be there but also did and was still queing. I eventually asked when I got to the door of the premises and the person I went to visit wasn't working that day anyway.

I didn't do photos because of the suicide. I had an urge to get a drink and to drink alcohol, I thought of a song briefly, then ordered a small glass of wine but I asked for it to have half glass of water mixed with it too.

Then my next drink was the cranberry juice with lemonade and lime. It seemed to clinch it. I haven't drank alcohol since. I did buy some fresh ginger and also a couple of grapefruits, I shall enjoy putting a little ginger in with some hot water, I may even add a teabag, or add a little more ginger to a ginger tea infusion.

I first hear this song when I lived for a few months in a hostel in Brighton.

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