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Todays abbs: 1 D/o. And tomorrow if you have been on these routines for 3 months or more: R342PY. H/p. Tc: During day.

Read page 1 of the abbreviations and any health warnings regarding these guidelines before considering .

If new to this, think to familiarising or beginning to familiarise yourselves with the exersizes on the pages by reading them. Day 1? P3x10 then P10x2 Alternate between legs and arms for a week. DO NOT OVERDO IT, VERY GENTLE STRETCHING OVER A FAR LONGER PERIOD PLEASE. Week 2: 4x5 Sq. H/p. During day. Week 3: P20 Legs only + 10# H/p. Week 4: Ch2, H/P. Tc: During day. Thank you. Enthusiasm? Butter beans are said to be good at helping to get cholesterol lower. 1. Try to think sensibly. 2. Whether new to this site or not, even if as you start to get fitter or trim, begin (whatever your budget) if you don't already, to try to start/begin to to look at what you choose to eat. Snap peas and green beans are good as part of a normal diet (particularly if you eat GM corn). If you use 'concentrated' orange juice, try diluting a glassful with 1/3 parts water. Other minor recommendations/additions/adjustments to come soon, (if you want to) try for a month and see if you notice any change. You could then maybe change and adapt your lifestyle/eating regime too. But hey, what's stopping you. You can do it anyway if it's what you really want.

But always be careful! If under 18 or with mental health difficulties and if you consider that you have health issues consult with a Gp/ your parents or guardian first please.

To see the list of abbreviations click on the routine link in the main menu above.

Whether alone or with friend or partner, unless you have started already,

in which case you'll see todays routine above. 'Today may

well be an easier day'. Use the next 24 hours to prepare yourself mentally

before you begin. All / any further instructions regarding this programme as

from today will be found 'on this page'.

You are not being forced to do any of these exersizes and you are

quite free to stop an any time should you choose to start.

These daily routines are guides only. Read the above carefully.

And do strive 'obviously' to maintain 'when/where possible' with a healthy diet.

Fitness tracker? Thinking of?

Some reasons to exersize

Some info for you


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