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It seemed that simply by thinking very carefully about what i had been eating and by making a few initial changes i soon lost 10lbs in weight.

Yes, 10lbs (4.53592 kg). For even me it was actually very difficult to imagine.

Sometimes it can seem like  not much happens when you are trying to lose weight, almost like you imagine it would or hope it can.  It can be important to try to remember to do what exersize you can whilst your food intake choices change and to try to keep yourself focused and alert.
I started thinking of adding more proteins and different types of carbohydrate food to my diet and maybe more fibre.

I missed my coffee fix. Now on green tea. I did have the odd cup here and there but nowhere near as often as i would have before. I was craving my two bits of toast with an egg or two (so much) it was easier to put the cereal into a bowl with some semi skimmed milk and leave it on the side until i was ready to eat it. I guess that's using the not wanting to waste food to a positive outcome. It also meant that whichever milk you choose, it has a greater chance of soaking into the cereal, unless you like hard cereal or crunchy.


Some of the meals shown on previous page/s do i think look quite large? My notion on that was that i may have been eating foods such as my chips and bread with spreads on it etc and the fats in them maybe expanded or lay in my stomach causing it to expand possibly? Or maybe the amounts? A large portion of chips with whatever i could throw on them at the time. I never did the fizzy drink thing but i did occasionally enjoy a glass of white wine or something which i tried recently at a new venue but am personally glad that i have moved away from, 'beer'. Just a few half pints even soon mounts up/ certainly with me and my lifestyle anyway. With emphasis on 'lifestyle' quite possibly being a very appropriate and quite operative word with some or many.


I hoped that with the incorporation of different foodgroups i would be able to reduce portion size eventually. I have no doubt that my stomach had become quite accustomed to feeling or needing to feel quite full even if maybe possible. Drinking alcohol and diet seemed to be affected by both, there are often reasons why some drink alcohol and they are not always as bad as some think, celebrations sometimes? Socialising? If you do consume alchol, watch how your eating habits are after. Make a note of what type of food you may buy and what you eat for a few days after if it is a concern for you. This weightloss strategy was proving to be a welcome detox even if initially i never intended for it to be that way or thought that it could. I hope that (in time) by following a few rules which i hope to add of my own that my stomach may start to shrink and expect less food than it has been used to volumewise anyway? Replacing 'some' of the foods you might otherwise have eaten with other types of foodgroups can assist you. Maybe try it and see how you fair with some changes. It's tough but focus!


I wanted to get my body out of a possible starvation mode which it may have been put into for the wrong reasons/ because possibly i was not eating correctly and into a healthier regime. Not eating correctly is a wild claim to make and has many points of conjecture. I doubt that it is nurture and also that it is generic, i do not feel that blame can be apportioned necessarily anywhere and because there are always different reasons for some to achieve different objectives and persons or those involved corporately would ever set out to deliberately cause harm. And fashions change. Learning to try to keep on top of some situations i think is a good policy. 


Green tea with lemon which per cup is still one Kcal. Also a jar of pitted black olives are good things to have around if embarking on this strategy. Also a jar of olives usually says 14 days to consume them so no actual rush and a healthier snack to have around.

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