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You can if you choose to, have some of this recipe warm to try it but personally i thought that it tasted so much nicer cold from the refridgerator. So make sure that you don't eat too large a portion because this recipe will keep in the refridgerator if covered for up to 48 hours and none of the taste will be compromised. I doubt you will notice the garlic taste too much at all. None of those i met remarked that i smelled of garlic either. One person did say 'i can smell food' as the person works for a church and we were in a venue at the time, i am certain that was meant. I could smell food too even though was in the throws of testing this. Serve with a slice of lemon of with a one sliced bread roll from the freezer, you might like to also put a drip of vegetable oil into a frying pan and add some sliced garlic and maybe even some lemon juice until they brown and sprinkle them over the top too which can be a nice change. Enjoy and as garlic is reputed to hae so many great qualities, hopefully you will feel the benefit of this meal and certainly now at this time of year as the leaves on some of the trees are beginning to be less green and more autumnal looking. You may also find that the water chestnuts added taste much much better in the meal after being overnight in the refridgerator.erator.

Of course there was a moment when i thought would i change anything or add anything. I thought it would taste nice also without the water chestnuts and served cold with one small serving of vanilla ice cream on the side instead of lemon.

Children and spicy food

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