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Diary notes:

An egg can be nice with this and even if unusual,

if trying to introduce someone to eggs maybe,

but they already said they don't like.

It is very tasty and if you like things such as chorizo too which has salt in, wow. I might even consider some chopped bratwurst sausage in this but please check the fat content on sausage. It has a raw taste but you kind of totally know that you are in no salt world with this dish, if you look on it like that i'm sure you can enjoy it greatly and find so many immense taste surprise as your taste-buds begin to explore the by far which woud be considered by some food adventurers as a more natural aspect. You can also add frozen spinach instead of curly kale though it might taste slightly fuller/dense.

But remember:

Add no salt or stockcube at any point to it

This suggestion would be if you have issues with portion size, for example, if you need to have or create a physical presenttion to yourself or someone you know regarding portion size, because it is tasty.

With 5 pink onions, peel and clean them up.

If you have problems standing too long or if you can't fit a seat in your kitchen, do the peeling sitting down somewhere else in your home/place of occupancy, they can be covered once done and left safely until you are ready to chop them and be careful, especially if circumstances are not as you might sometimes prefer.

Also for this, maybe you are not into eating eggs or want to try or want to try a different experience as tasty and delicious as they are.

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