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Buillies a L'eau/ Patatas troi?

When the potatoes are ready and are almost boiled remove from heat.

Put half of the potatoes to one side.

The remaining potatoes should still be hot.

With one half of the potatoes and when the bacon has cooked for more than 15 minutes on a hot heat not warm. Remove from heat and pour into a bowl or saucepan. With a large metal spoon or a ladle and very gently submerge each potato into the solution and place gently into a baking tray. Then spoon some of the remaining solution over the potatoes which you have placed carefully into the baking tray.

The other half of potatoes allow to cool.

Put baking tray into an oven middle shelf mark 2-3 for arounbd 40/45 minutes or a halogen oven for less. The potatoes should crisp up.

Serve the mixture of two types of potatoes which are cool and those which are cooked in the oven together. 'Patatas troi'.

Garnish with pepper/no salt required.

The mixture of hot and cold temperaturewise of the potatoes and the spiciness of those baked along with the crispness and fluffiness of those baked and those not is a lovely tasty combination (photo 7).

Try serving with a glass of cold semi-skimmed milk or with sparkling mineral water even. And try add a few chopped guerkins (photo 8) or if not on such a strict diet, programme, some delicious peanut sauce. Enjoy.

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