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Buillies a L'eau/ Patatas troi?


Would suggest up to 900 grams of two varieties

of potatoes

Some dried hot pepper whole

Oil: 1tsp left over oil from anchovy tin

One level tbls chervil


Some bacon pieces (optional)

Cut your potatoes into slices (photo 2) and rinse them and put onto cooker or into a steamer. Bring to almost cooked. I would recommend using two varieties for different textures and taste. Recommended cooking time minutes after bringing to boil or 20 minutes in steamer.

In the meantime, carefully chop finely your hot pepper whole and the level

tablespoonful of chervil or blend together (photo 3). Prepare a cupful of boiling water. Add and stir in one level tablespoonful of the oil from the anchovy tin. Then carefully place onto heat. This type of oil i noticed does burn fairly rapidly but before it does and because you don't want to burn your other ingredients too, very carefully to avoid splashes slowly AND CAREFULLY add the cup of water. Then slowly add the chopped bacon peices (optional). Bring the mixture with the whole pepper hot and chervil and bacon (optional) to a rapid boil, then keep on a medium heat but at a constant light bubbling temperature. You will want the bacon to completely boil through. Watch the pan and add more water as/when the water evaporates but keep liquid fairly full and do not reduce unless heat unless burning as in photo 4. Maintain high heat with the bacon and pepper etc. You can see in photo 1 the amount of pepper whole to use and chervil (green). Also you can see two anchovy tins, one with crystalized salty oil as described on previous page and one with crystalized oil after 5 minutes unrefridgerated. Use either. Cook the bacon peices for maybe a minimum of 15 minutes on a high heat. Do not allow to burn/ add hot boiled water when appropriate. Using a ladle, you could even spoon some in carefully from the potatoes.

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