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Curly Kale and sweet potato soup with mushrooms

I used the curly kale because it was 4 days past best by date and the sweet potato because it was in my fridge too and was very over-ripe.

Always try to use fresh produce if you can.

Remove the skin of sweet potato if damaged and remove the over-ripe bits unless you happen to actually like them. I don't like over-ripe when it borders on off but i was able to see wo third of the sweet potato salvaged thankfully.

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One 206g bag of Curly Kale

One large or even 2 sweet potatoes

One medium or two small brown onions

5 cloves of garlic or 4 if not quite medium but larger

Chestnut mushrooms 210g

3 scotch bonnet chillies (wear gloves if using particularly these chillies plaase. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO HANDLE THEM AND CLEAN UP PROPERLY AFTER IF YOU HAVE PETS.

One sprig of mint leaf

Salt and ground 'white ' pepper.

Chop all of ingredients and de-seed the chillies and wash them under cold water tap.

Put a saucepan with one third full of cold water onto cooker and bring to the boil.

Turn down heat and add all of the chopped ingredients .

Turn up heat again for a minute or two to resume with boiling.

Turn heat down to electric mark 3 or gas mark 2 and add the whole bag of curly Kale.

Press the ingredients with a wooden or plastic spoon and ensure that all of the ingredients are submerged in the water.

Do not leave spoon in soup. Add salt to taste and a generous sprinkling of ground 'white' pepper.

Allow to cook on a medium-high heat for 50 minutes.

The soup should be delicious with the potato lovely and soft with the crispness of the Kale not lost in the cooking process. The mushrooms adding texturally an additional great dimension. If you feel that you are still hungry after, wait for an hour . Then if you still are hungry having enjoyed possibly 3 bowls of soup try laying a coupleof crackers in the remaining mixture. to snack on

(You may also like to try adding a small squeeze of lemon).

The reason the option above to add two potatoes or two onions was to make the soup even more substantial if think you are likely to stilll have possible feelings of hunger after eating this soup.

The soup in these pictures and on next previous are with one potato and one onion.

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