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Cauliflower with fennel seeds.

You may wonder: What happens when i have lost the weight which i want to lose, how will i get back on track again to a diet with some of the things i am not eating now and will i want to eat those things again'?

Maybe be more careful when eating. Set plans in place. If dieting or wanting to lose weight, set realistic goals, you can always pick up again if you honestly want to. Even if you end up having a breather for a day, don't go mad. Know when to get back on track, how to, try to know when you are and try to be sure / aware that you are.


One cauliflower

One green capsicum pepper

2 level teaspoonfuls of fennel seeds

Garlic salt (optional)

Salt and pepper (optional)

I had purchased a cauliflower and had a green pepper in the fridge which was going over.

The cauliflower having been cut into two pieces was placed into a saucepan with not too much

water and the green pepper de-seeded and chopped into small peices. Sprinkle 2 level

teaspoonfuls of fennel seeds on top and a quarter of a level teaspoonful of garlic salt.

Bring to the boil and simmer for maybe 20 minutes or until the cauliflower is soft enough to be broken up with a wooden spoon.

The pepper should be softish.

When the cauliflower and pepper are ready to eat, place on a dish and tuck in. Add salt and pepper according to your own taste.

If you ever thought caulflower was boring, wait until you try it with fennel.

The taste was almost as though fish had been added, just a hint but then just now and then you'd get a mouthful with some fennel, it is actually quiteIt was fabulous! I know some people can easily put some cheese on the cauliflower and if not wanting to lose weight, it could be a good incentive for when you do. I could easily imagine a small peice of a fish with this suggestion.

After, to do an even further service to the cauliflower and pepper etc with the remaining liquid from the saucepan put through a starainer, it had a peppery taste anyway and it was a delicious soup with a tomato as an accompanimet. A dash of black pepper to taste.

(Nice served hot and with buttery bread if you are not using my schedule).

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