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Fishy Lil


You will also need a dish for this recipe similar to or a 1lb loaf tin as used in the preparation of this recipe and some clingfilm if cooking next day.

2 thin pieces of thin white fish or one thicker peice.

4 anchiovies (in oil/ keep the oil in a sealed container in a fridge should we need to use that in the future).

2 potatoes (no more than 500 Grams)

One long carrot

3 chillies (as per photo)

390g italian chopped tomatoes (with chilli optional)

One heaped teaspoonful of coriander

Garlic salt

Salt and black pepper

Place the fish into the tin or dish. Then lay 4 anchiovies over the top (shake any excess oil off). The natural saltiness and oil on the anchiovies will be enough.

Chop the chillies removing the ends and add them. Sprinkle on the teaspoonful of ground coriander (and a gentle sprinkle of garlic salt to taste) or some black pepper if preferred (Pic. 3). Pour the chopped tomato on top (Pic. 4) and cover with clingfilm and put in fridge overnight.

Next day /when ready to cook. If you are unsure as to when you would want to cook this meal check your instructions with regard to food safety and hygeine and with regard to leaving uncooked fish in fridge.

Peel the skins from the potato (you will need them so keep)

Remove the ends from the carrots and wash.

Cut the potato into fairly thin slices and chop the carrot/s too.

Put the potato pieces and the carrots and the potato skins into a steamer or boil for 20/30 minutes until soft (Pic. 2). The potatoes and carrots are to be mashed.

Switch oven on to mark 3.

When cooked, mash the potato skins and place on top of tomato (Pic. 5).

Then mash the carrot and potato together and put on top/cover.

Use a fork to smooth it out (Pic. 6). Put some foil on top and place on top shelf of oven

Mark 3 for one hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes (depending on the type of oven you have).

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