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Nefs Teat R.

Sometimes if i am at local shops i still think yes i will try to prepare and cook a new recipe

but it is actually difficult too. Much of the time i don't exactly feel like i want to.

This could be because my stomach has learned to anticipate less food or food less

often in the larger quantities that almost shamedly i have to admit could had become for myself, slightly excessive.

Part of this regime or plan has too been a learning curve.

With so many food choices available and fabulous they look too, i cannot suggest or imply that any of them are incorrect because there will always be markets for the various range of tastes and food experiences and indeed culinary expertise and the professionalism in design which some of the art that is food and food preparation and eventually the enjoyment hopefully of sampling some of it is, be that experience for yourself or those for whom you cook or may be cooking at any given time.

This next recipe surprised me. It was so refreshing and though cheese isn't conventinally as far as i am aware at least known as a cleansing food, the recipe which did include cheese and chocolate was quite something. I hope you may enjoy the variety of taste sensations in this meal/recipe too. I did actually wonder whether this recipe may be too 'raw' but i reduced the amount of chilli i might have preferred to use.


125/175 grams of red split lentils

One chilli

100 grams of greek feta cheese

2 tomatoes

one onion

Garlic (4 cloves)

2 squares of chocolate


A pinch of salt and pepper to suit your own taste.

Put the lentils into a saucepan and add some cold water. Pour lentils and water through a collander into another container to rinse them through. Add lentils back to original saucepan and then add fresh cold water, bring to boil and simmer (for 20 minutes).

Chop the end off the chilli and cut into small peices and place next to the two chocolate peices (Photo 1.) I have used photo to demonstrate how much chilli recommended with this amount of chocolate.The smaller peice above the chocolate indicates how much to use. You can wrap the remaining peice of chilli and use in something else.

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