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The Lemon 10, 4 and 6

After the ingredients have cooked on a high heat (hot but not boling) for approximately 30 minutes the apples should have softened and should the onion and celery but uniquely they dont lose all of their individual tastes or textures totally, not even with the curry powder. Simmer but make sure you have squeezed the lemon totally into the mixture. You can even add the lemon skin for maybe ten minutes but remember to reduce heat first to do it and use a spoon or a spatula or tongs (Photo5) be careful when removing.

When the soup/ sauce is ready after having cooked for maybe one hour or 1hour and 15 minutes

serve (Photo 6). Remove the bayleaves.

Optional ingredients:

You could use rice with this recipe but watch your portion size if dieting. There should be enough to ideally serve 6 people in this particular recipe (with/without rice).

At this point/ after an hour of cooking you could also add some chicken pieces (make sure to cook them through) or some prawns (similarly make sure they are cooked) and / or some cashew nuts (if you are not nut intolerant or allergic to nuts. If uncertain check with your GP.

You could also (instead of adding the optional ingredients) add another tablespoonful of madras curry powder and beat an egg and carefully stir it in whilst on the stove (remember to reduce heat and turn up heat once the beaten egg is added) Photo 7.

In photos 6 and 7 maybe the recipe looks quite bland. I can assure you that it doesn't taste it.

Apples can also be used as helpers in issues around gallstone issues.

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