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Yellow capsicum with potato and leek.

One 1lb loaf tin

Some kitchen foil

One yellow capsicum pepper

2 potatoes (500grams)

1 Leek

1 scotch bonnet chilli

Garlic salt

Ground black pepper

Grated lemon peel

One coffee cup of water

One funnel

As no oil (as such) is being used in these recipes, certainly presently, i did not want the potato to stick to the loaf tin. Line a loaf tin completely with foil and allow an overflap with the foil on each side so that you can lift the contents safely and carefully from the tin when cooked. De-seed the yellow capsicum pepper and cut the pepper into slices and line the inside of the foiled tin. (Keep two sides of the capsicum pepper to put on top after). Slice the potatoes to slices of no more than 5mm. You can see in photo (upper right) when held up against fork the approximate thickness. Then use some of the potato to line the bottom of the tin on top of the pepper. Cut the leek into pieces of no more than three quarters of an inch and squeeze the whole leek sliced on top of the potato slices. Add barely a half of a 'level' teaspoonful of garlic salt Then add some more potato slices and tuck some in around the sides of the tin (in between the tin and the pepper) to give maybe half an inch of extra height. Then add the de-seeded scotch bonnet chilli (use rubber gloves with this chilli please and do not allow children to touch these chillies unattended and clean up after if you have pets)'. Add the grated rind / zest of half a lemon. Add the remainder of the potato and lay the two sides of the capsicum pepper on top, or a piece of the potato and coat with black pepper if you want to. Then some salt and pepper to taste. Use a coffee cup and a funnel and carefully put (through the funnel) a coffee cup full of cold water into the tin.

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